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Local Author Information
Josiah Bartlett Historical Fiction Historical interpreter evokes the spirit of the frontier and the perils of lumber rafting in his debut series. Linda L. Christianson Memoir A recipient of the Paul Harris Fellows recognition for bravery and courage, Linda’s journey as a polio survivor provides inspiration to others. Rose Garry Anthology High school student captures a glimpse into our future with a collection of work from fifth through twelfth grade students in her debut book. Ben Greene Young Adult Fantasy, Action Adventure, Modern Fantasy Author and creator of RIMDUUM, a world of nuclear magic and neon dungeons far under the Rocky Mountains. Sherrie Hansen Mystery, Romance, Non-Fiction Author of the recently published Blue Belle Inn Cookbook travels far and wide while writing novels that explore the mystery of love. Sallianne Hines Non-Fiction, Historical Romance, Romance Lifelong horsewoman who writes contemporary and historical character-driven fiction, non-fiction in the realm of simple living, plus a book on editing for authors. Helen Holder Children’s Books Retired First Grade teacher Helen Holder has 10 children’s books for you to read with someone you love. Susan Joyce Non-fiction, Fiction Retired financial adviser is author of two non-fiction books on wealth management for women and novels about Wall Street. Sarah Lysne Memoir Once a writer, always a writer. Sarah Lysne returned to her journalism work after her ALS diagnosis to write columns and books educating and inspiring others to choose to live joyfully. Lydia Emma Niebuhr Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Cozy Mysteries Retired research chemist returned to her first love of writing for young adults. Gary Eldon Peter Young Adult Literature Minnesota Book Award winner, U of M professor, and native of Austin, MN., writes fiction for adults and young adults. Chaunce Stanton Historical Fiction, Humorous Cozy Mystery, Alternate History, Magical Realism Author of six novels, Chaunce Stanton lives on a hobby farm with his wife on the state's southern border, helping to stop the Iowegians from sneaking into Minnesota. K A Stevens Young Adult Debut author introduces the novel, Original Sin, as the first in her Hell’s Legacy Series. Eric Shoars Fiction-Gen X Nostalgia Serial Storyteller considered by many to be a 21 st Century Walter Mitty. AJ Sullivan Children’s Books Retired teacher writes children’s literatures that reflects the whimsy and justice that stirs within her soul. James Troe Thriller Local businessman with a passion for powerful storytelling has authored two fictional novels. Ricki Walters Middle-Grade Fantasy Freelance editor and writing instructor at Riverland Community College and NIACC writes fantasy fiction for middle- school readers.