Sweet Reads Books, LLC 407 N. Main Street Austin, MN  55912 (507) 396-8660 sweetreadsbooks@gmail.com
Sweet   Reads   is   not   just   your   average   book   and   candy   store   -   it's   an   experience!   You'll   find   opportunities to   take   pictures   inside   the   train   or   in   the   forest.   Experience   the   coolest   bookstore   in   the   area.   You’ll   find new    and    used    books,    local    and    regional    authors,    magazines,    unique    candies,    frozen    treats    and    a selection of Minnesota and Austin novelty items.
New and Used Hard covers and Paperbacks (priced at $1, $2, and $5) Large selection of comic books Magazines    including    regional    titles…    Minnesota    Business,    Coopers    Gardening,    Fly Fishing, Midwest Quilts, Brew Will special order Will take your like-new used books for credit
Nostalgic    assortment    including    assorted    taffy,    Boston    Baked    Beans,    Satellite    Wafers, Candy Buttons, Mary Janes, Sky Bars, O Henrys,  chocolate rocks Minnesota Made – Pearson Salted Nut Rolls, Nut Goodies Curly   Girlz   –   almost   local   using   fresh   ingredients   like   Hope   butter,   local   honey,   etc.   for assorted truffles, salted caramels, nut rolls, fudge, etc. Unique favorites like gummi pigs and sour pigs and real Crickettes! Seasonal fresh cotton candy by Ozzies
Frozen Treats
Variety   of   tasty   treats   very   reasonably   priced,   such   as   Klondike   Bars,   Luigas,   Fat   Boys, Icees, and seasonally push-ups.
Local Authors
The   owner’s   favorite   area   of   the   store   –   the   local   selections   by   local   writers.      Many award winning books and many genres featured Meet    and    Greet    events    throughout    the    fall    and    winter    months,    often    featuring    a unique twist (coloring time, musical performance, recipe demonstrating, etc) See schedule  – it will be updated as often as changes are made!
Local Artisans
Painted Rocks and Unique cards and Hedgehog mittens by Susan DeVries Minnesoyta Soaps by Denise DeVries
The Berenstain Bears Museum
The   World’s   Largest   Collection   of   Berenstain   Bear   memorabilia,   as   honored   by   the Guiness Book of World Records Over 2000 items, including close to 700 book and similar form titles On Loan by B Mariska, owner and collector A   must   see   for   the   entire   family   (especially   the   1950’s   titles   including   Marital   Bliss   and Pictorial Guide to the Tax Form by Stan and Jan Berenstain!)